Abhinav Chaudhary 
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As the stalk charts its way towards the sunshine it draws its strength from fresh new ideas, innovative thinking and passion for progress. In Abhinav Chaudhary, the team finds inspiration from one who leads by example. His strong project handling skills backed by exceptional strategic thinking, management and leadership capabilities have helped Abhinav empowers his team with a common vision and clear focus to excel.

With B.Tech (Civil Engineering) from DTU, Mr. Abhinav has worked with Soltex Trade Pvt. Ltd. as a Director.  He has all over 4 years’ experience in Marketing and Operation. He has managed the smooth functioning of Soltex from the last two years. He has created organization’s growth by continuously developing in International and domestic sourcing and marketing textile, products and vendor management.  He has attended many Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and trainings in India.

Mr. Abhinav meticulous business planning and management skills gave the group a leader who set the perfect ground to help the bean stalk climb both high and wide. He Supports service to the Group Company in India and Compliance of statutory requirements like Sale tax, Income tax, BOD meetings, AGM etc. Also his Strategy formulation for new business development in the area of security, surveillances and disaster management, Standardization of documents for export and import practices for the company has led to the smooth functioning of Soltex as a whole.