Soltex Group, is participating in SPIEF 2017 (St. Petersburg International Economic Forum), Russia

Soltex Group, is participating in SPIEF 2017 (St. Petersburg International Economic Forum), Russia

Soltex Group, is participating in SPIEF 2017 (St. Petersburg International Economic Forum), Russia. Mr. Manish Kumar, President, Soltex Group will be representing in SPIEF. This year India is declared as guest country and Mr. Narendra Modi , Honorable PM will be Guest of honor.

There are many bilateral ties and joint statements between India and Russia will be declared.

Soltex Group holds its firm position and expanding its wing in refinery, agro and wood processing industries in Russia. In year 2017 Soltex International (part of Soltex Group) has signed MOU for acquisition of refinery “Volkhovneftekhim” and  mini refinery “TEMP”.

Agro sector: In 2016 Soltex Group has entered in cultivation and processing of Linen Flax in Tver region, Russia. Out of total production 75 % of short fiber for domestic market and 25% long fiber is being exported mainly to China.

Wood processing: In Penza and Mordovia region Soltex Group is planning to setup deep wood processing and export to Europe. In this regard signed an  MOU with  IRPOL (Poland) for long term supply and joint investment in the region.

Project export: RT Ecos (a subsidiary company of Russian State owned company Rostec) with joint association of Soltex Group entering in to Indian market in Sewage treatment plant and Waste water treatment plant). In this regard MOU has been signed with Govt of India company WAPCOS.

Business meeting with President Soltex Group

12 May 2016. It took place in Moscow on business negotiations with one of the most influential representatives of the Indian business community in Russia, President Soltex Group Mr.  Kumar Manish.

Participants widely discussed prospects of cooperation of the Association members and the business community of India in Russia. Among the issues of mutual interest were projects in the field of housing construction, helicopter engineering, aircraft construction, electronic and defense systems. The parties agreed to prepare and conduct 15 June 2016. A round table for interested members of the Association and representatives of the Indian business, in order to develop regional cooperation in the sphere of small and medium-sized businesses, with a focus on agricultural projects.

In the photo from left to right:
– President Soltex Group, Mr. Kumar  Manish
– Chairman of Coordination Council FBA EAC, Executive Vice-President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs   Alexander  Murychev;
– General Director FBA EAC Oleg Berezovoy.

Meeting of the Coordination Council of the Financial and Banking Association of Euro-Asian cooperation

May 18, 2016 in Moscow held an extended meeting of the Coordination Council of the Financial and Banking Association of Euro-Asian cooperation. The theme of the meeting: “The role and place of BAF EAC to develop and strengthen business cooperation in the framework of the EAEC.”
The following issues were discussed:
– Admission to the Association of new members;
– On Amendments to the governing bodies of the BAF EAC;
– About the Role and place of BAF EAC to develop and strengthen business cooperation in the framework of the EAEC;
– On approval of the concept of creating an international investment fund Euro-Asian cooperation of the countries;
– On the Regulation on the Register of members belonging to the FBA EAC;
– On the creation of Euro-Asian information and publishing center.


20.06.2016 12:38
On the 16th of June, 2016 St. Petersburg hosted St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), SOLTEX GROUP took part.

Within he forum Business Roundtable “RUSSIA – INDIA: A NEW STAGE OF ECONOMIC PARTNERSHIP” was held with the participation of Manish Kumar, Soltex Group.

The moderator of the meeting from the Russian side was Sergey Cheremin, Minister, Head of the Department for External Economic and International Relations of the Moscow Government; Chairman of the Board of the Business Council for Cooperation with India, from Indian side the discussion was moderated by Ramesh Abhishek, Deputy Head of the Department of Industrial Policy and Development of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of India.

During the meeting Russian-Indian problems were discussed. Manish Kumar asked the following questions concerning investment Indian entrepreneurs in the Russian refineries:

1. Last year, the Soltex Group invested in refinery in Krasnoyarsk region. Is there a state program of investment protection in Russia?

2. Is it possible to issue the cheap credits to indian investors?

3. Is it possible to issue visas to investors who, in their turn, will attract other investors ?

Among the famous participants were: Dr. Rajiv Indravadan Modi , representatives of companies Cadila Pharmaceuticals; De Core; SREI; NHPC; Sun Group.

India Meet The World

Place: Moscow, Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Moscow, Street: Petrovka 15

Organized by: Soltex Group, Moscow, CCI Moscow, Embassy of India, Moscow



List of participants:

  • Engineering projects India Ltd: Mr. VinooGopal, Director Project
  • NBCC (National Building Corporation) India: Dr A K Mittal
  • Hindustan Prefab: (prefab blocks and building constructions)
  • TEMA India : Mr. Akhil Sippy, COO ( Heat Exchanger for refinery, fertilizer factories)
  • All Cargo India : Mr. SachinVijan (Shipping, logistic)
  • Reliance Petrochemical India: ( Petrochemical, Polymer)
  • Prinz Technical Services, Dubai (Petroleum products)
  • Asian buildcon, India (Real Estate Development)
  • Chamber of Commerce of Norway – MrBagreev  GD
  • Chamber of commerce of Finland – MrMirija GD
  • Finpro ( Finnish economic branch at Embassy ) –
  • Chamber of Commerce Belgium Luxembourg – MrProzorov GD
  • Russo Belgium Economic Committee – MrVanderpealtse President
  • Chamber of Commerce of France – MrsSoutormina Senior Manager
  • Chamber of Commerce of UK – Maria Sarkisova Senior Manager
  • Chamber of Commerce Canada Eurasia – Mr Nathan President
  • Chamber of Commerce of Japan – Mr Norimasa Senior Manager
  • Economic dept of Australian Embassy – Mr Cole GD
  • Economic dept of New Zealand Embassy – MrSobolev GD
  • ICE ( Economic Italian Dept of Embassy ) – Mr Forte GD
  • Promexico – Mr Jaime GD
  • Pro Peru – MrLeveroni GD
  • Pro Colombia – MrAgreda GD
  • Chamber of Commerce of Germany – MrCalin Senior Executive
  • Chamber of Commerce of CH ( Swiss Hub ) MrMorath GD
  • Commercial Section of Indonesian Embassy – MrKusprabowo
  • AEB GD MrSchauff
  • EON ( Gasprom – Rhurgas JV )   CEO Mr Rainer Hartmann
  • Chamber of Commerce of Russian Federation
  • Far East RF Development Committee Shelakaev
  • Commercial Section of Spain Embassy – MrCacho
  • Commercial Section of Austrian Embassy
  • Commercial Section of Polish Embassy – MrsIvanka
  • Commercial Section of Czech Embassy – MrBasta
  • Commercial Section of Brazilian Embassy MrBeltrame
  • Commercial Section of Canada Embassy Mr Tesla
  • Commercial Section of South Africa Embassy MrMweli
  • Commercial Section of Italian Embassy MrMarongiu
  • ASEAN Rep in Moscow
  • K&L
  • E&Y
  • Price Waterhouse
  • KPMG
  • CMS
  • Cosmos Values
  • Dega
  • CECD
  • Indo Bank
  • HSBC
  • UBS
  • Credit Suisse
  • Kommerzbank
  • Raffaisen Bank
  • Unicredit
  • Sumitomo Bank
  • Danske bank
  • Bank of China
  • ICBC
  • VTB24
  • Gasprombank
  • VEB
  • Bank Moskvy
  • Sberbank
  • Above list is as on 15.02.2016, more participants can be added.

Our Company, Soltex Group, represented by Mr. Manish Kumar Deputy Chairman of “Commission of Moscow Chamber of Commerce on Foreign Economic relations with India “, is organizing a business event “ India meets the World “ in Moscow on March the 16th  together with the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Indian Embassy in Russian Federation to showcase the India’s economic potential  and Key Sectors for foreign investments. The event supposes to be attended by various Industries from Russia as well as European business houses under patronage of their Chambers of Commerce respectively.

We have been strongly recommended to invite your Company to take active part and to deliver a speech in order to inform your potential partners about the huge opportunities given by a cooperation with your esteemed organization. Knowing the profile of your Company, we will identify and invite to the event partners from the following sectors

Steel plants (construction of new plants + upgrading of existing one )
–  Metro / all what is connected with this item : construction, signals, etc .
– Alloys- technology,turnkeyfactories
– Tunneling – Equipment , turnkey realization of projects
– Water supply, river water cleaning equipment and projects, solid waste  turn projects for  solid waste utilization
– Security and surveillance equipment ( borders , police , special forces)
– Construction  equipment, turn key    construction projects, electrical equipment , signaling  equipment, upgrading a railway track speed

We attach herewith for your kind attention a preliminary program and list of Participants

You are welcome to confirm your presence at the Event and contact with us at the following numbers

+ 7 ( 499 ) 124 2454   Office

+ 7 ( 916) 916 07 48   Cell Mr. Alberto De Paoli

+  7 ( 925) 506 08 04   Cell Mr. Manish Kumar

[email protected]

For any possible question and request for local support (logistic, hotel, visa support, etc) feel free to contact us

Sincerely Yours

Manish Kumar

Executive Director (Business Development)

NBCC Limited
NBCC Bhawan, Lodhi Road
New Delhi – 110 003, India

Telephone No : 011 – 24367314 – 17, 24367573
Fax : 011 – 24366995
E-Mail : [email protected]

                                                “INDIA meets the World “

Series 1 –  (Russia Edition )


March the 16th2016

09.00                     Start of Registration at Moscow Chamber of Commerce in Petrovka street, 15, Moscow –  (Coffee / Tea )

10.00                     Beginning of Event. Introduction to general theme of the event byMr.Alberto De Paoli and Mr. Manish Kumar from Soltex Group, then word tothe Ambassador of India in Moscow H.E. Mr. Pankaj Saran. Show of video “Make in India “. Will follow a speech of welcome by Mr. Margulov I.V. , Vice Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation. Moderator of the event will be Mr. Vardanyan S.O. – Vice President of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce

10.30                     Key sectors of Indian Market for foreign companies. Introduction to activities of EPI (Engineering Projects India Ltd.) in India and cooperation potential by our Honored Guest MrVinooGopal, Director of EPI

11.00                     Representatives  of Indian Companies ,  Reliance Petrochemical Division ,  Hindustan Prefab , NBCC, Tema India , Asian Buildcon, ALL Cargo  will make a penetrating presentation of huge potential  of cooperation within Indian market. After that, we will have the pleasure to listen to the following speakers

–              Opportunities for Indian Companies in Russia. How existing sanctions are opening opportunities for Indian Companies. Key sectors. Speaker – MrVardanyan

–              Current status in Rouble/ Rupee trade. Speaker – MrCheremin

–              Guidelines and suggestions to foreign companies in order to take part in tenders in India . Speaker – MrSalil Kumar/ EPI

–              Guarantee for tenders in India and Asset (Non fund based), financial services to Russian Indian business houses. Speaker – President of Indo Bank in Moscow

–              Hydrocarbon. Opportunity for Indian Companies in Russia. Speaker – Manish Kumar

–              Technology transfer: what is needed by India. Key sectors. Speaker – Manish Kumar

12.00Questions and answers

13.00                     Coffee break

13.30                     Foreign and Russian Companies – Case studies –  Companies already working in Indiawill witness their experience plus companies with interests in India  will introduce to peculiarities of Indian economy – KPMG representative, Ernst and Young, Cosmo Values, Swiss Hub, the Belgian Chamber of Commerce , Dega AG , The Fund for the development of Far East in Russia and Singapore Airlines Rep office in Moscow will testimony about growing interest in the world about India and positive work experience in this Country . At the end Mr De Paoli will touch the theme of synergy between European and Indian business and all problems connected.

15.00                Questions and answers

16.00                Reception(IndianFood)

17.00            B2B meeting will be held at the premises of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce after the reception( private translations can be provided upon requests )

19.00                 End of B2B meeting session

Working language of the event _ English. Russian   syncron. translation will be provided

Organized by  the Indian Embassy in the Russian Federation, the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Soltex Group

  • The above program can be subject to minor changes.


The event was held at the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI). This event was dedicated to the official visit of Mr. Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India Republic. 
Topical issues for discussion were: the administrative, financial and legal issues for promotion of Russian companies into Indian market and Indian companies into Russian market, the state and alternative mechanisms for supporting exports, Issues of mutual investments, the interim results of the working group for the development of calculations in pairs “ruble-rupee”, the prospects of cooperation between Russian and Indian companies in the BRICS.
The meeting was attended by: 

Mr. Sergey Cheremin, minister of the Moscow government, 

Dr. Aseem Vohra, Deputy Head of Economics and Commercial Wing, Embassy of India in Moscow, 

Mr. Suren Vardanyan, Vice-President of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 

Ms. Natalia Ivanova, co-chair of “BRIKS WORLS”, 

Mr. Manish Kumar, President of “Solteks groups”, 

Mr. Andrei Mikhailov, Director of national and international programs and investments of the Parliamentary Center of the Russian Federation, 

Mr. Alex Kucheruk, Director of Business Development «ALPHAOPEN», 

Mr. Oleg Maslennikov, Managing Director «RUSLOM. BIZ », 

“Indo Commercial Bank» Ltd, 

The Indian Business Alliance “(IBA) 

and others.