MESSAGE from President


I feel honored to have been chosen to head this 15 years old prestigious and apex Company.

I appreciate that a leader has the great duty to perform beyond the expectations of the people making progress and development in a harmonious, all-inclusive manner as the prime goals. Having said this, I plan to remain focused with renewed enthusiasm to take forward our journey this year to help the Company achieve newer heights of glory and take initiatives synchronizing with the economic environment of the country.

My vision for the Company is to take it to greater heights in different Countries. It is our goal to have complete customer satisfaction, so that our current customers will speak to their associates about us and our company will continue to grow.

Our credo of ‘No Compromise’ has come a long way embedding our strong commitment to highest standards of excellence and ethics. It motivates innovation and people development, which in turn lead to superior quality products and services. We are proud to be amongst the founding members of the Delhi Chamber of Commerce, India and the Deputy Chairman of the Commission in Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Russia. With business ethics, quality, prudence, humility, respect, pride at the forefront, we are happy to be recognized for our customer practices and acknowledged for fostering long-term relationships with merchants….