SOLTEX Group is a global leader in the petrochemicals industry, applying breakthrough proprietary technology to create products that improve the quality of life for people around the world.

Soltex Trade is a subsidiary Company of Soltex Group, it’s diversified of worldwide in various components like refinery, coal, security system, renewable energy etc. Soltex Trade has established as a trading company in the year of 2012 beginning with different kind of petroleum products like synthetic lubricant grease, petroleum lubricant grease, industrial lubricant grease, automotive lubricants, machine oil, fuel oil, etc. operating in domestic market and immediately geared up in import-export business activities after the establishments. We have developed our core competence in Petro-chemical raw material, refinery, coal, security system, renewable energy, and waste management. Soltex Trade brings together the best of products, services and experience to provide the foundation to become the leading force in the Petro chemical industry.

SOLTEX TRADE (P) LTD. is one of the leading exporter/ importer in India. We have experience of almost two decades in our life of product. We have been upgrading our selves to serve our customers in various field of application. The company exports / imports an exotic range of products to various countries, like Korea, Japan, Russia etc. High profile of our associates ensures high products quality and enables us to fulfill our client’s requirement in the International market on time. SOLTEX is an export/ import based company in India dedicated to providing Importers from all over the world with complete solutions to their sourcing needs. We source the products from all over the world through our reliable network of manufacturers & suppliers. We enjoy serving the needs of highly diverse groups of people as we realize that in the process we are bringing people closer to one another.

SOLTEX is an export merchant & international trading house dealing in varied fields across the globe. We have the capability of providing raw materials, technical services, and a broad industry perspective to assist manufacturers, reduce costs and improve production efficiency. Established on the principles of integrity, reliability, service and innovations, we have grown as a reliable supplier in international polymer sales and distribution. Quality products, cost, convenience and reliability are what make this equation work so well. Our products provide innovative solutions throughout the industry, in next-generation building construction, electronics, automobiles, oil & gas as well as food and beverages. We are continuously innovating, exploring & discovering new ideas for business and enterprise, thus helping in making the world a more accessible place. SOLTEX stands for Reliability & Total Transparency with our clients in quality as well as service.