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Subhash Saxena  

Marketing Director, Mumbai office
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With strong interpersonal and organizational skills Mr. Subhash has a keen ability to   multitask a variety of challenges and responsibilities. He is a Professional with a high creative capability based on a scientific, technological and researcher background which have to plan, design, built, control, pinpoint, manage, assess, standardize and advice at everything about our in an efficiently way.

The man responsible for the bottom line is meticulous planner, capable of delivering under stress. With sheer accounting acumen, he has a penchant for reducing the overheads and ensuring the profitability, with more than 10 years of experience Sales and Marketing domain, he contributes to Soltex to grow consistently, to lead towards a corporate level. He also has a solid ethical background with a professional commitment and responsibility as well as an excellent attitude to deal with people, a high communicative outlook and enhanced leadership skills, adaptability to changing situations. Prior to joining Soltex, he has worked with Krusa Pharma, Jamedex & other Pharma Companies as free lancer looking for Procurements, Contract Manufacturing, Marketing & Sales Activities.

He is  expert in Sales And Marketing and In Soltex,  he handles logistic of purchases, storage and inventories administration, productive processes supervision, looking after their Business Dealings & Export/Import.  He has the capacity to work under pressure, obtain results, and administer personnel with attention to clients. He has an Enterprising leader with excellent analytical, communication & presentation skills and proven record in leading and directing personnel towards accomplishment of a common goal.