Strong Russia Business Summit

Within the framework of the Summit, a special session dedicated to the international dialogue between Russia, China, India, Iran and Turkey was held

The purpose of this event is to identify opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation in priority sectors in new conditions, to get acquainted with promising international directions in the field of exports and imports, as well as to enlist the support of reputable experts”,

“We have been friends with Russia for more than 75 years,” Manish Kumar, Deputy Chairman of the Commission on Foreign Economic Cooperation with Partners in India of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, began his speech. But there is an imbalance in trade, India buys a lot from Russia, and Russia buys little from India. Now is the time to remove this imbalance and enter into good trade relations. Work is currently underway to recognize SWIFT’s counterpart in India. But even now there are banks that work directly. The financial issue is solved without problems. There have been many positive developments in logistics in recent months. The more active the business is, the more stable the logistics will be.

Replacement of the supplier. India’s economy is now growing at an accelerated pace. We have more than 50 car manufacturers, for example. India is ready to close many brands that have left Russia.”