As Soltex, a leading pharmaceutical company with the largest supply chain in the industry, we recognize the critical role contract manufacturing plays in meeting global healthcare needs. India’s position as the world’s largest maker and exporter of generic drugs highlights the importance of leveraging our expertise in contract manufacturing to meet the demands of diverse markets.

With a commitment to creating quality, affordable medicines for people worldwide, Soltex strategically partners with pharmaceutical companies globally to facilitate contract manufacturing agreements. Our extensive supply chain capabilities allow for efficient production of a wide range of pharmaceutical products while maintaining stringent quality standards and regulatory requirements.

Generic and Antibiotics

India is the world’s largest maker and exporter of generic drugs. USA, the UK and Russia are among the largest importers from India at a share of 29%, 3% and 2.4%, respectively during 2021-22. We are committed to creating quality, affordable medicines for more people in more places around the world. Soltex has the largest supply chain of any pharmaceutical company.

Capsules and Injectable

Capsules and injectable medications are two common forms of drug delivery used to treat a wide range of medical conditions like Antibiotics, Vitamins and supplements, Vaccinations etc.

We use these according to Patient comfort and preference or prescribed Medication type and purpose


Syrups are water-based solutions of drug containing high concentrations of sugar. They usually also contain added flavors and colours.

Tablets and Capsules

Tablets are entirely composed of medication, while capsules only contain medication inside the shell.