Food Commodities

Sunflower Oil (Refined and Non refined)

Sunflower oil is the non-volatile oil pressed from the seeds of the sunflower. It is one of the best natural dietary sources of vitamin E. The vitamin E content of sunflower oil is 375 to 750% of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of the vitamin.

Made from high quality Sunflower seeds, and good source of Omega 6 and Vitamin A, D & E Cherish the taste and good health.

Spices (Dry spices)

Spices are one of the most important ingredients in Indian dishes and it have been popular across the globe for their unique flavor, aroma, and beautiful texture. Soltex is one of the leading export company for the export & Import of whole, power and crushed spices. We, being whole spice exporters, importer numerous spices including Turmeric, Red Chili, Whole Coriander and many more.

Fresh Fruits (Seasonal)

We offer a broad range of Fresh seasonal fruits which are selected by our team of specialists. Our fruits are available at effective prices. Further, we are one of the highly preferred fresh fruits exporters and importers in India.

Preserved Food

Preserving food is a culinary art that transcends time, blending tradition with modern sustainability. By employing techniques such as pickling, fermenting, and canning, we not only extend the lifespan of ingredients but also enhance their flavors. Everyone join the preservation movement and discover the joy of culinary creativity that stands the test of time.

From capturing seasonal abundance to crafting homemade pantry staples, the act of preserving food empowers us to savor the essence of each season, reduce waste, and embrace a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.